here's what to do to save it

find out how you could decrease your environmental impact
from cutting meat to becoming a full-on vegan, and making sure I buy local, sustainable products, there is plenty i can do!
i use public transport from a to b as much as possible. It's expensive at first, but i will work hard to acquire an electric vehicle if i can't do without a car. i prefer videoconferencing to flying, i prefer train over plane if it comes to that. more...
maybe i support environmental charities?

if i engage in politics, whatever the party, i make sure the environment is high on the agenda.

i set my browser to use ecosia, en environmentally friendly search engine.

i insulate my house, i turn lights off, i adjust my thermostat and program my heating system, sometimes i wear two jumpers!

i choose a renewable electricity provider. if i can afford it, i install solar panels.

do i really need to buy that?
maybe i really don't.

i avoid plastic if possible. i use a fairphone, wooden toothbrushes, i use discarded cardboxes instead of bags at supermarkets.

i think 'repair' before 'replace'.

more details...

i love the earth, i talk about it to my neighbours and friends.

i tell my children about nature, i involve the local school, i share recipes on social media or i just wear a t-shirt that says i am vegan.

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