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it is easy to just buy things. the first thing to do when buying something is to ask yourself whether you actually need it.
if you're in need of comfort shopping, maybe consider a music album or an e-book?

make sure to either use recyclable bags or just take discarded cardboard boxes at your supermarket to carry your shopping.

try and avoid plastic packaging. use alternative products that do not contain plastic:

  • cotton buds / swabs with wooden or cardboard handles instead of plastic
  • a bar of soap instead of a bootle of liquid soap with a pump mechanism
  • shampoo bar instead of shampoo bottle
  • save and bring your own containers to your favourite takeaway place
  • whenever practical, cook your own raw ingredients instead of ready-meals
  • use serviceable smart phones instead of unfixable ones.

finally, think 'repair', before 'replace'

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