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it all starts at home, doesn't it?
enlightened governments may offer subsidies for you to insulate your home. so you may want to enquire at national / federal, regional / state level.

gas can never be made green but electricity can. electric heating is more costly than gas / oil but, if you are strongly insulated, it may be workable.

make sure your heating isn't on when windows are open and use a timer, for example to turn your heating off when everyone's at work or at school.

See below for green / renewable electricity providers.

United States Canada United Kingdom
most of Canada's power is hydro-electric, and increasingly wind generated.

you can also select low energy appliances and install LED bulbs everywehere whenever your incandescent or CFL lights fail.
(note that CFLs, although requiring low amounts of energy contain highly toxic mercury and must be disposed of properly)

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